• New York, New York

Playa Juan Dolio

In the beginning, you still feel foreign but then hits you the dry-salty furnace that leads you to believe that hell might be a beautiful place. On the drive from Santo Domingo to Boca Chica to Juan Dolio, the palm trees along the highway remind you that this is one people, standing strong, and united but individual in their own survival. Stopping at a Dell gas station, your car is […]

Wallflowers, Sunflowers & Petals

In an ocean of people, I am a survivor. Survivor of death, a survivor of life.I am on my 21st lap around the sun and I set alarms, that wake me up on a daily, with different labels that encourage gratitude on seeing another day. But life has its way of swallowing you whole then spitting you back out, and I would be damned to condemn myself of credit of […]

Screams of Blue

Not one cloud in the sky, every direction screams out blue. The hills are green, the people talking their mele and the little ones are marching down to the sea. Daddy and I get in his old gold corolla and I would have surely been happy, but he seemed a little ill. Starting our route, down and up the hills, slowly cutting curves, blowing our horn through the one lane […]